Will We See Mike Taylor in The Lebanese Basketball League Again?

03 Nov. 2016- After  showing an amazing performance at the Houssam Eddine Al Harriri’s Championship, and helping Homentmen bring the Gold, Mike Taylor seems to be the missing card in the Homenetmen’s roster.

He will indeed be playing with them in the Henry Chalhoub tournament that starts tomorrow. Homenetmen are very interested in prolonging Mike’ services and join them in the Lebanese Basketball League, but are countered by Mouttahed who refuse to give them the release.

Some might agree that Mouttahed are right not to give Mike the release and join the Orange Hell, given that they have completed their team and didn’t renew their contract with him, while others will argue that it’s about sportsmanship and that players such as Mike Taylor will surely be a major boost to the Lebanese Basketball League and the competition in general.

Finally, the final decision remains in Mouttahed’s hands.

Article By Jana Chehwan