What did the winner Mohamed Baghdadi have to say about the 2015 Aquathlon

26 Oct. 2015 – In the 2015 ATCL Aquathlon, Mohamed Baghdadi was no doubt the best performer, winning the race with a time of 48 minutes 19 seconds, 4 minutes ahead of his closest opponent Thierry Depolla.

Winds were blowing and a light rain was falling, making it harder on the participants, especially with the change of swimming course. Here is an interview with Mohamed in order to know more about his race!

First of all Mohamed, congratulations on your win today. The weather was not helpful at all, so can you tell us more about your race?

As you said, the weather did not help us at all, the waves were really high so the swimming course got change. Instead of making one lap going out of the port, they kept it inside the port and we had to do 2 laps. During the run, the wind was very strong, making it harder on us as we had to give more energy to advance. Thankfully we ended up winning.

Did the change of swimming course affect your performance? 

Well yes, as I mentioned earlier we had to do 2 laps, going out of the water in between instead of doing just 1 lap. This out of the water and then back in transition costed us some time, so had the course remained the same in normal conditions my time would have been much better.

Finally Mohamed, what is your next step? And what is the aim for next year’s Aquathlon?

I am currently getting ready to participate in the Lebanese triathlon championship next month, precisely on November 15. Last year it took place at Bain Militaire but this year the rumour is that it will be in Tripoli. I am aiming for first place there and hopefully I can achieve my goals. As to next year’s aquathlon I would like to get even better. In the previous year, I was with the juniors while this year with the elite so I had a larger course but still did well.

Thank you Mohamed Baghdadi for this interview and congratulations again on the win!