What Were Wael Arakji and Omar Ayoubi Doing at Azm School?

16 Nov. 2016- Yesterday, Mouttahed Star and passionate player Omar Al Ayoubi along with Riyadi’s best talent and one of the best PG in Our League, the Lebanese Dragic, Wael Arakji, had a basketball discussion at Azm School Tripoli, in front of secondary students.

The message behind this basketball discussion was to highlight the importance of education. Those 2 passionate players Wael and Omar are a concrete example that shows that you can be successful in your Basketball career without ignoring your studies. They both excelled on the basketball and educational level, and were able to manage between those 2 fields.

Furthermore, Ayoubi told the students that he used to study in the bus, on his way to practice so he can get good grades, otherwise he wouldn’t have been allowed to practice and play basketball.

Two videos were projected showing highlights of our two NT players. Arakji and Ayoubi were then filmed shooting 10 3 points. They both scored 9 out of 10.

Azm students were very involved in this basketball discussion, and will send us now a video, trying to score 10 out of 10 3 points. The winner will get Omar Al Ayoubi’s NT jersey.

Moreover, Tiger Fadi El Khatib sent a small message to these young students, emphasizing the importance of sports and education in our life, one is nothing without the other because one day your basketball career will end, and your education is what lasts.

Students had the chance to ask Arakji and Ayoubi any question, and got a picture signed by our talented players.

Finally, to end our beautiful day in Tripoli, we projected a video of Silvio Chiha showing the beauty of our beloved country Lebanon. We would like to thank Azm School, our amazing players Arakji and Omar, the Tiger Fadi El Khatib, as well as each and every person who made this event a success.

Article by Jana Chehwan