Vote for the Lebanese Basketball Women’s League Best Player!

18 May. 2015- The Lebanese Basketball Women’s League came to an end after a crazy final series between Riyadi and Homenetmen. Both teams deserved the title but Riyadi, with the killing 3 points of Rebecca Akl and the great moves of Tamara Khalil took advantage in Game 5 and secured the title.

After a long season, who do you think deserve to be the best player in the Lebanese Basketball Women’s League?

We have nominated 5 players from Riyadi and Homenetmen to vote for the best player of the season. The results will announced on the 20th of May.

The nominees are:

01. Shada Nasr (Riyadi)


Shada Nasr

02. Nathalie Sevadjian (Homenetmen)


Nathalie Sevadjian

03. Rebecca Akl (Riyadi)


Rebecca Akl

04. Aida Bakhos (Homenetmen)


Aida Bakhos

05. Tamara Khalil (Riyadi)


Tamara Khalil