Vinko Bakic: Head Coach of the U16 National Team

16 Jan. 2017 – After appointing Coach Joe Moujaes head coach of the Lebanese basketball national team, it was turn for Vinko Bakic to be named coach of the U16 national team.

Kitchen Delights

Current head coach of Hoops, and former assistant coach of Tadamon, Vinko Bakic has a new challenge ahead. Handling a national team of youngsters is far different from handling a club with experienced players. However, it is not the experience he lacks! In fact, Coach Vinko has previously coached Barsy Atyrau. The latter is a team in Kazakhstan. He coached them during the FIBA Asia Champions Cup in China.

The road ahead won’t be easy, but it’s far from impossible. Best of luck to Coach Vinko and to the national team on their journeys.