USJ Women’s Volleyball team defeats Sacre Coeur at the Lebanese Championship!

18 Mar. 2016The USJ 1875 women’s volleyball team continues its quest at the 1st division Lebanese Championship. The team was able te defeat Sacre Coeur Beirut in 3-0 during the second week of the tournament.

In the first week of the Lebanese championship, Chiyah Club won over Sacre Coeur in 3-0, Kalamoun, the Lebanese 2015 champions, defeated Bir Al Hassan Bchamzin in 3-0, Anaach Knat won over Dar Nour in 3-0, Riyadi Amchit defeated Speedball Chekka in 3-0 and USJ 1875 won over Baabda Al Riyadi in 3-1.

We should note that the game between Al Riyadi Mtein and Phoenicia Jbeil didn’t occur due to the withdraw of Phoenicia from the championship.

In the next few days, Kalamoun will face Dar El Nour, Al Riyadi Mtein will face Baabda, Speedball will face Bchamzin and the toughest game will be between Knat and Amchit!

USJ 1875 qualified with Kalhat Club to the U21 Championship semi-finals where they will face Knat the ranked first in its group and Kalamoun the ranked second. USJ 1875 will face Kalamoun and Knat will face Kalhat!

Good Luck!