USJ Sports delegation to Euroijada Poland!

11 Nov. 2015- More than 100 athletes from USJ are going to represent Lebanon in Euroijada 2015, Poland between the 12th – 17th of November. Euroijada is considered one of toughest Universities championship in the world as it is located in the Eastern part of Europe where the countries invest more in University sports than the professional leagues.

USJ Sports teams will compete against top European universities from Russia, Poland, Hungary, Serbia, Slovakia.

“We have played in Madrid, Roma and Barcelona several times and won a lot of trophies, this year we are looking for a tough new challenge. This delegation is the biggest in the history of USJ where 104 athletes will be taking part in Euroijada. Our aim is to represent Lebanon in the best way possible, give our players the experience playing against top European teams and finally get out with convincing results” – Maroun KHOURY (Head of delegation) said.

USJ will be competing in Futsal, Basketball, volleyball and Handball. We wish USJ all the best in their game.