USJ Sports Delegation Back from Prague with 5 Medals.

15 Nov. 2016 – USJ sports delegation have taken part in a major European tournament in Prague. It was their third consecutive participation.

The event consisted of 41 universities from 18 different countries all fighting for gold. The challenge was tough and the competition even tougher.

The 135 athletes who traveled to Prague raised the Lebanese flag very high, making both their university and their country, on a bigger scale, very proud.

In fact, USJ did not come back empty handed as they were able to collect 5 medals.

First of all, the rising talent Rime Zalaqett was able to grab a bronze medal in tennis after defeating Serbia and Slovakia. In the same discipline, David Bou Ghosn just missed the podium and got 4th.

Moving to basketball, the women’s team was able to get a bronze medal, defeating the Serbian team.

As for futsal, the toughest competition of all, we witnessed a great level from both the men’s and women’s team. The men’s team lost the final 0-2 and had to settle for the silver medal as for the women’s team, after winning 3 games, they lost to Serbia 0-1 in the semi final to then defeat Germany to clinch the bronze medal.

Before the closing ceremony they won a gold medal in the dance category