Club 1875 USJ Say Goodbye to Khairallah and Nader

04 Jan. 2017 – Club 1875 (USJ) said goodbye to their futsal stars Andre Nader and Jad Khairallah in a farewell game that took place on the court of USJ.

This game was considered as a thank you to the players who had given a lot to the university. In fact, both players had inaugurated together the USJ court 6 years back in 2010. They now say goodbye to the game together, after 6 seasons of achievements.

The game opposed Andre Nader and his friends to Jad Khairallah and his mates and ended in a 10-10 draw.

Both futsal players had won twice the international gold medal in Barcelona in the universities championship. They had also finished on the podium in international competitions on several occasions. That’s not all, they had played in the futsal 1st division and had won the unileague more than once. In addition, Andre Nader had been called up more time and again to the Lebanese national team.

Furthermore, the previous coach of USJ Ziad Rajji along with the current coach Maroun El Khoury awarded their players an honorary crystal badge as a sign of appreciation for their services and loyalty to the Club.

In a brief speech, Coach and General Secretary of Club 1875 Maroun welcomed the attendees at the farewell game. They all said goodbye to two players who have lived together the golden era of futsal with Club 1875 (USJ). He also wished them the best in their upcoming journeys, wishing the utmost best for Jad in his Master’s Degree in France and for Andre in his career as an engineer also in France.

Coach Marwan added: “It is utterly hard, nowadays, to create new stars of the same level as the ones honored today, but nothing is impossible. We work in a reputed, praiseworthy academic institution from which thousands of distinguished have been graduating since 1875.”