USJ 7th Beirut Uni Sports Festival!

16 Mar. 2016 – “Despite Everything” that is happening in Lebanon recently, USJ is organizing the 7th Beirut Uni Sports Festival from March 17 to 20 with the participation of about 1000 sportsmen from Germany, Serbia, Slovakia and Lebanon.

Since 2010, this Sports festival has been a very successful one! This event is very important in the University sports calendar.

According to the director of the festival Maroun KHOURY: ” this festival has been a success throughout the years, and the proof is that some of the most important universities in Europe are taking part in it despite the discouragement of their embassies to come to Lebanon. Can you imagine how many countries will take part in this festival if the situation becomes better?”

The 7th edition will be as exciting as the previous editions. USJ is also organizing several trips for the foreign participants in this festival. A large number of Lebanese universities are taking part in this event in the following sports: Futsal, Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Table Tennis, Swimming and cross country.