USEK Sports delegation off to participate in Moscow Sports Festival!

28 Aug. 2015- USEK delegation is off to participate in Moscow’s sports festival on the 31st of August. USEK sports team will compete in 4 different sports: Basketball (Men & Women), Futsal, Volleyball and Table Tennis and will have the chance to compete with the best European universities teams.

The delegation is headed by Father MichelAboutacca and the sports director Fouad Saliba. Bachir Elias (Physiotherapist) and Lara Arapguirlian (photographer) are also members of the delegation.

Here are the names of the athletes who will represent USEK in the festival:

Basketball (Women): Nelly Nassar Boustany (coach), Gaspard Ishak (assistant coach), Rebecca Akl, Marie-NourEgho, Magalie Gemayel, Nancy Maalouf, Lea Abi Ghosn, Mira Rizk, Sarah Bechara, Maguy Zakarian, Myriam Wakeem, Georgia Ephrem, Daniella Fayad, Romy Lawand and Lara Khatib.

Basketball (Men): George Akiki (coach), Bernard Saliba, Ramzi Bechara, Joey Salloum, Bechara Boustany, Carl Zaloum, Edward Bechara, Walid Zaidan, Yves Hajj, Georges Said, Elia Najjar and Ribal Bechara.

Futsal: Jihad Nakhoul (coach), Elie Khalil (Assistant coach), Mazen Habchy, Gerges Bou Antoun, Pascal Kedis, Ghadi Abi Akl, George Ghanem, Patrick hetti, Walid Sfeir, Michel Ibrahim and Mario Chalhoub.

Volleyball: Chady Bou Farhat (coach), Maroun Atallah (assistant coach), Jad Chammas, Adam Khoury, Paul Bou Akl, Jamy Harfouche, Thierry Zgheib, Simon Saade, Zakhia Mahfouz, Wael Bou Younes, Roy El Khoury, Louis Mahfouz, Joe Hachem, Nayef Merheb and Asaad Hani.

Table Tennis: Fadi Kassis (coach), Ramy Khalaf, Georges Wehbe and Anthony Arida.

We wish USEK’s team all the best in their participation.