Unileague: 7 titles for USJ and 2 titles for LAU Byblos and USEK

28 Apr. 2015- This year’s Unileague came to an end with USJ on the top of the list securing 7 titles out of 14. LAU Byblos and USEK won 2 titles, AUB, Antonine and AUST 1 title.

The titles were distributed as following:


  • USJ volleyball men team clinch the Unileague volleyball title after defeating USEK (last year title holder).
  • USJ’s women volleyball team also grabbed the title after defeating LAU Byblos in the final.
  • USJ’s ladies dominated the women’s futsal league to secure the title for the 4th time.
  • The Handball men team secure a 4th title for USJ after defeating Beirut Arab University in the final.
  • In the individual sports, USJ were able to win women’s swimming, table tennis and tennis titles.

LAU Byblos:

  • The Basketball men team won the title under the supervision of coach Joe Moujaes.
  • In the individual sports, LAU Byblos won the swimming men competition.


  • USEK futsal team grabbed the futsal men title.
  • USEK also have a strong women’s Basketball team, USEK’s ladies secured the 2nd title for USEK in the unileague


  • AUB hosted the semi finals and finals of the Unileague but they were able to win 1 title only counting on their men’s football team.

Antonine University:

  • The only title won by Antonine university is men’s table tennis.


  • AUST secured the tennis men title.