Uni-league Basketball Competition Fueled with 2 High Level Players Joining USEK!

21 Sep. 2015 – Last year’s unileague men basketball final was one of the most memorable in history, with USEK falling short of a win despite a large come back against LAU Byblos.

Sometimes, the difference between a win and a loss is just a player, and so, USEK will have its title chances boosted this year with the addition of 2 high level players.

First, Elie Ghaleb, a prolific scorer and a player with first division experience, has joined the USEK ranks coming from AUL, while the second player is none other than Georges Souaid. Georges is Nadim Souaid’s brother and one of the best centers in the unileague. Together, these 2 players are going to add a lot of talent and potential to an already talented team, and are definitely going to make things harder for other teams.

This year, the men basketball category in the unileague is going to be on fire, with many teams starving to dethrone LAU Byblos, and with LAU more than ready to defend its title!