Unfair call sent Nacif ELIAS out of competition – 2016 Rio Olympics Games

09 Aug. 2016- It is really disappointing to see Nacif ELIAS losing that way in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Few seconds after the start of his fight, Nacif was disqualified due to what the referees called an illegal attack from the Lebanese on his opponent.

However, TV replays showed that Nacif was playing within the rules and didn’t act illegally so the referees call was obviously wrong! A very weird and outrageous decision that made our champion angry. The supporters were also inarguably confused by the referees’ decision and started supporting our champion asking to give him another chance to compete.

Despite this unfortunate event, and after leaving angry, ELIAS came back and gave the traditional salut showing an amazing act of responsibility, respect, and fair play.

I have trained very hard to come here and compete, I accept the referees’ decision but I definitely don’t agree with it! I will train harder and show them that I can be number one very soon.” – Nacif ELIAS said after being disqualified.

We were looking for an achievement but unfortunately an unfair call made it impossible.