ULF Tournament Final Results & Surprise Celebrities Game!

02 March. 2016 – The final games of the  2nd edition of ULF‘s interscholastic games took place on Friday, February 26th, at the Montana Campus Gymnasium.

On that day, while many were awaiting the futsal finals, a major surprise took them by storm as Lebanese male celebrities and T.V personalities faced the ULF students in an entertaining all stars game!

Another highlight in the tournament was the energetic orchestra that led the game’s ambiance and encouraged the cheers!

Here is the list of all results:


01. Sagesse Brasilia
02. Saint Joseph Aintoura

01. Sainte Famille Jounieh
02. Saint Joseph Aintoura


01. Louaize
02. Sainte Rita Dbayeh

01. Saint Joseph Aintoura
02. Montana

Table Tennis:

01. Karim Slaiby (Lycee Libano-Allemand)
02. Luigi Chami (Lycee Saint Joseph des Filles de La Charite)

Then, the awards distribution ceremony took place in the presence of Dr. Joseph Semaan and Dr. Jean Bou Chaaya and was followed by a cocktail party.

We finally thank all the sponsors who helped in making the event successful!

Article by student specialists Leya Yasmine & Farah Sakr!