ULF Interscholastic Games – 3rd Week Results

22 Feb. 2017 – The futsal and basketball games at the ULF Interscholastic Games resumed for the third week in a row.

Many schools from different regions are competing for medals in this tournament, and here are the latest results:


Père Antonins – Baabda 1-3 Saint Joseph School Cornet Chehwan
Collège des Frères Maristes Champville 4-3 Lycee Nahr Ibrahim
Ajaltoun Official School 5-1 Notre Dame de la Delivrance
College de la Sagesse Brazilia 1-5 Montana International College
Dhour Choueir Official School 4-2 Ecole Saint Redempteur
Rosaire School Mansourieh 3-9 Sainte Famille Jounieh


Harboyan Secondary School 18-44 Collège Notre Dame de Louaize
Collège Notre Dame de Lourdes des Frères Maristes 48-40 Montana International College (1)
Ecole Saint Rédempteur 30-25 Saint Cœur Bauchrieh
Montana International College (2) 38-33 Ajaltoun Official School
Val Pere Jacques 24-23 College Central
Lycee Nahr Ibrahim 19-30 Saint Joseph Cornet Chehwan


Val Peres Jacques 27-14 Saint Joseph Cornet Chehwan
Collège de la Sagesse – Brazilia 14-12 Saint Cœur Kfarehbab