U18 Lebanese 3X3 Basketball Championship Qualifications Results

10 Mar.2017– The fourth and final stage (Beirut and Mount Lebanon) of the Lebanese basketball championship 3×3 for the under-18 age group for boys and girls, was held at USJ-Mansourieh in the presence of the director of the national teams, Yasser El Hajj.

The winning team in each category will represent Lebanon at the Asian Championships in Malaysia from 26-28 May. Fourteen teams of females and males participated in the tournament, playing a one-stage, semi-final, and final stage.


Team “Tojj W Shout”, made of Najib Abou Tannous, Elio Bassil, Georges Karime and Joe Bou Chaine, was victorious at this stage. They defeated “RB Team” composed of Salim Alaedine, Karim Zeinoun, Mahmoud Awaida and Nadim Hachem with a final score of 21-15.

The following teams have qualified for the final stage:

1- Tojj W Shoot

2- RB Team

3- الشبيبة

4-Iron Pump


Dima Chahine, Ornella Zaatar, Tala Zein, Karma Chahine of team “The Red Storm” defeated “Sky Walkers” composed of Lynn Daccach, Tracy Ego, Marie Khoury and Stephy Achkar with a whopping score of 20-0.

The following teams have qualified for the final stage:

1-The Red Storm

2- Skywalkers

3- Beasts

4- MGS

The final stage of the championship will end on April 22 as the venue will be determined later. The following teams have qualified for the finals:

Male Class-12 teams:

1- عمشيت

2- قنوبين بشري

3- المتحد


5- مدرسة حسام الدين الحريري

6- نصر النبطية

7- Streetball

8-Leaders 1

9– Tojj W Shoot

10-RB Team

11-Iron Pump


Female category – 8 teams:

  1. مدرسة حسام الدين الحريري
  2. نصر النبطية
  3. المجد شحيم
  4. اجيال بازورية
  5. The Red Storm
  6. Sky Walkers
  7. Beasts
  8. MGS