Two New Imports for Tadamon

13 Mar. 2017- After signing their old-new coach Miodrag Perisic, things are still not going well for Tadamon where they lost two consecutive games against Riyadi and Mouttahed.

However, they signed two new imports to boost their team.

Their first import is Courtney Pigram a 6’1 ft guard that played lately in AEK Cyprus. He played as well in the Spanish,  German, Greek  and NBA D- league, not to forget the Iranian league with Shahrdari Gorgan.

As for their second one,  Tadamon signed with the 25 year old forward Deng Deng. He is 6’8 ft and played in the D-League and was NBA drafted in 2016. He took part of the NCAA as well, with Baylor Bears.

Let’s wait and see what Deng and Pigram will add to the team, especially that Tadamon have a crucial game against Sagesse on Sunday.