Top Results for the Lebanese swimmers in 4th Dubai International Swimming Championships

The swimmers from the LSA academy participating in the 4th Dubai International Swimming Championships 2014 – Dubai, UAE, have had great results there, with the team grabbing 7 gold medals.

The swimmers who were there representing the Lebanese academy were: Albert Minassian, Weiss Al Hajj Hussein, Simon Doueihi, Christelle Doueihi, Paloma Nannoni, Gabriella Doueihi, Yara Feghali, Rebbecca Mezher, Hiba Doueihi and Christelle Feghali.

Gabriella Doueihy alone got 4 gold medals, and the relay team got 3.

Also, there were other Lebanese athlets in the competition.  Sara Khatib,who is not part of the LSA academy, was able to break 3 records and get a bronze medals. to book a place in the Youth Olympic Games.

The 3 records she broke were:
– 50M free swimming done in 27.47 seconds with the previous record being 28.52.
– 100M free swimming done in 1.00.98 minutes with the previous record being 1.03.48 minutes.
– 100M free swimming done in 1.10.82 minutes with the previous record being 1.15.00 minutes.

Jennifer Rizkallah won one silver medal, just like Yasmina Kachouh who also had a silver one.

An amazing job indeed done by Lebanon!