Top 3 Qualities you Will Always Have if you Ever Were a Gymnast

15 Apr. 2017 – When talking about hard and tough sports, gymnastics is most probably on top of that list. Not only does it require speed and flexibility, but it also involves a lot of strength and endurance. Put aside the physical aspect of the sport, a gymnast has to be not only physically ready, but also at her peak mentally. It demands a lot from both your body and your mind.

When gymnasts spend more than half their lives in the gym, they acquire tons of qualities that other non-athletes do not have the privilege of having. And these qualities don’t just vanish with time. So if you ever were a gymnast, here are the top 3 qualities you are stuck with for life.

1. Dedication
Think of all the times a gymnast has been asked if she wanted to hang out. Now think of all the times she said: “I’m sorry I have practice.”  Skipping one training session is just not an option. No matter how many times a week they practice, it is simply not enough for gymnasts. Not only do they dedicate most of their times for practice, but they also dedicate their free time to gymnastics related activities. This kind of passion and dedication just never leaves. When they have to pick between friends and practice, there’s really not debate here. Deep down we all know which one a gymnast would pick. This is not to say that hanging out with friends is lame and boring, but your sports always matters more.

2. Competitiveness
All gymnasts have felt this feeling at least once in their careers. Their teammate performs an incredible routine and they are not sure whether they should be happy for them or just plain jealous. It’s the exact same feeling you get when you play a team sport a someone else scores the winning goal or basket. You’re definitely happy for the person and the team but you’re low-key jealous you weren’t the one to steal the spotlight. Gymnastics creates a sense of competitiveness you just can’t control. This is a double-edged sword. Could be both a blessing and a curse. It pushes you to pour everything you have into what you are doing, but it irritates everyone in the process.

3. Perseverance
No matter what they are chasing, gymnasts just don’t quit. Playing sports teaches you that even if you dread doing something — like conditioning — it only makes you stronger. And gymnastics doesn’t produce quitters. Perseverance has to be one of the top qualities of a gymnast. Without the proper attitude and the hunger to succeed, a gymnast wouldn’t make it a day in the gym. It is the willingness to persevere through the hardest training sessions that sets gymnasts apart from others. Even though most gymnasts don’t make it to the Olympics, they all tried. And they all came to the realization that all the sacrifices were worth it in the end.