Tired Sagesse Suffer Their Second Loss In Dubai

22 Feb.2017- Sagesse took on AS Sala from Morocco in a very important game to improve as much as possible in the standings.

At the beginning of the game, Sagesse’s zone defense looked a bit shaky with some gaps that the Moroccan team used efficiently to score their points. The presence of Kordo, Najah and Zwifta gave Sala some advantage under the rim and caused many problems. Sagesse were forced to take outside shots for most of the quarter and forced ones they are. Terrell kept his team in contention with 3 consecutive threes and couple of buckets from Bashir reduced the lead to 3, 28-25 with the end of the first.

in the second q, Sagesse continued with their zone defense, partially because the Moroccan players are taller and more physical and partially because Sagesse’s players are a bit tired from yesterday. Sala’s bigs were easily scoring under the basket as their guards found space in this slow-rotating defense. Stoglin was defended very closely as they managed to cut him from the team. The lead kept on getting bigger as the quarter ended 41-51.

With the beginning of the second half, Sagesse seemed to throw the towel. Sala kept on pounding and scoring bucket after bucket. Our Lebanese team was losing focus, players were very tired and nothing was going right. With many TOs committed, the game was slowly slipping away. Sala dominated the quarter and finished it with a commanding lead 79-64.

In the last quarter, our players tried valiently to get back into the game with Junior Beyrouthy and Georges-Yves Daaboul fighting for every ball but it was too little too late. Same old same old as Sagesse turned the ball over for most of the quarter and Sala eased to the win with  a final score of 102-87.