Third Shada Nasr School Tournament Results

13 Feb.2017- Here are week one and two results from the third Shada Nasr basketball tournament.

Week 1:

-LAK vs BB : 48-17      Game MVP: Marianne Machmouchi

-ACS vs CPF : 10-67    Game MVP: Aya Sabra

-IC vs SHS : 43-29       Game MVP: Dima Chahine

-CPF vs HCH: 44-25    Game MVP: Karma Chahine

Week 2:

-RF vs ACS : 38-15        Game MVP: Sara Ghanem

-Sabis vs BB : 34-7        Game MVP: Nadine Safa

-LES vs CSJ : 14-59       Game MVP: Melody Saneh

-SJS vs LAK: 27-42        Game MVP: Salma Attar

-SHS vs BESGB: 34-5    Game MVP: Yasha Zeinoun