The Minister of Education welcomes IAAF representative Dr Abdelmalek AL HABIL

17 Oct. 2015 – The International Association of Athletics Federation created a new development program for kids in the world which is called “Kids’ athletics”. This program is being applied since 2005 in all the countries in the world.

According to the IAAF, “the programme by the end of 2011 had reached a cumulative audience of 1.5 Million kids across 100 territories.”

“The IAAF objectives of the programme are to make Athletics the number one participation sport in schools, to educate kids into sport in general and athletics in particular and thus promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle, and to attract and sustain the potential sporting stars of tomorrow.”

The IAAF offer every year equipment to help the countries promoting Kid’s Athletics in schools. The IAAF sent its representative, Dr Abdelmalek AL HABIL, to Lebanon. He was welcomed by the General Director of the Ministry of Education Fady YARK with the presence of the president of the Department of sports activities in the ministry, and of course with the presence of the president of the Lebanese Athletics federation Roland SAADE and the General secretary Nehmetalla BEJJANI.

Kid’s Athletics is very important to discover new talents and to make the young generation love sports. In Lebanon, the program is being held in a great number of schools which will contribute with time, in the development of sports in Lebanon and Athletics in particular.