The Lebanese Table Tennis Delegation off to the World Championship!

26 Feb. 2016 – The Lebanese Table Tennis delegation just left to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to take part in the World Championship for the team events. Three men and three women accompanied by the president of the Federation Salim HALL-NICOLAS will represent our country!

The Lebanese Table Tennis Federation organized on January 13th a Qualification trial to chose the players who will represent Lebanon at the World Championship that will be held on the 28th of February to the 4th of March, 2016.

We should note that the men’s team already qualified at the Asian Championship that was held in October 2015 were the four players: Avo MOUMJOGHLIAN, Joe SHALHOUB, Mohamad HAMIYE and Mohamad HABECH, who did a great achievement.

The federation then decided to organize a qualification in order to choose the best three players to represent their country at the biggest competition for team events! The Lebanese men’s team is formed

The Men’s team is formed by: Avo MOUMJOGHLIAN, Rachid EL BOUBOU and Mohamad HAMIYE. The Women’s team will be formed

The Women’s team will be formed by: Leticia AZAR, Noelle KECHECHIAN and Marianna SAHAKIAN.

Avo MOUMJOGHLIAN was able to defeat Mohamad HABECH in 3-1 but lost to Rachid EL BOUBOU after a very close game that ended in 3-2. On the other hand, Mohamad HAMIYE who is benefiting from the Olympic Solidarity was chosen as the third representative of the team.

Moreover, for the Rio De Janeiro 2016 Summer Olympic Games, the only way to qualify for our Lebanese table tennis players is to win the West Asian Championship. But unfortunately, the golf countries tend to nationalize Chinese players instead of encouraging their own athletes.

Two male and two female usually represent every West Asian country in this championship. We really hope that at least one of our players win the championship and qualify for Rio 2016 Olympics!

Now the World Championship is another experience that will surely help our players prepare well before the West Asian Championship!

Good Luck!