The Lebanese Ski Federation to host the Executive Board of the SES

12 Nov. 2015 – The Lebanese Ski Federation will host the Executive Board of the SES (Small European Ski Nations) meetings on Saturday 14th, in Roston Hotel in Maamelten. It is the first time that the Lebanese Federation hosts an event of this level!

The Federation is made of 20 Nations which includes: Romania, Serbia, Cyprus, Morocco, Portugal, Hungary, San Marino, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Montenegro, South Africa etc …

The Meeting will be headed by Cypriot Paul MAKALIDS, and will be attended by the members of the Executive Board including the General Secretary of the Lebanese Ski Federation Freddy KEYROUZ. They will be discussing the Agenda of the International federation which concerns the new regulations, the financial support and the possibility of Lebanon to  host the upcoming SES FIS Cup in case Montenegro couldn’t organize it.

The president of the Lebanese Ski Federation Charbel SALAME will also attend the meetings. Freddy KEYROUZ confirmed that the delegations will be arriving on Friday.

We should mention that Lebanon is a very active member in this federation and that our athletes participate yearly in this competition!

We should note that this federation was originally for Small European countries, but more non-European countries were added to it throughout the years. In 1994 ALG – LIB – MAR – RSA were accepted as affiliated Members.