The Launch of Melanie FREIHA Association

01 Feb. 2016 – One year has already passed after the tragic death of Melanie FREIHA, the Youth and Juniors record woman in 2000 meters steeplechase. Melanie who passed away due to a ski accident in Mzaar, Kfardebian last year, was a very fun person to be around and ski was one of her favorite sports!

Yesterday, a mass in her memory was held at Melanie’s school, College Notre Dame de Jamhour. Her parents announced the launch of a new association named after her, which mission is primary prevention, security, and rescue of the sports enthusiasts when they are practising their favorite sports, in particular, skiing.

We should note the presence of Minister of Culture Tony ARAIJI and the former minister of interior Ziyad BAROUD. Calls to join the NGO has been launched to friends who wish to help activate the association, according to ARAIJI, the Vice president of the NGO.

After the accident, the security of the ski slopes was questioned. So the NGO will also focus on awareness of risky behaviors, basic skills required for the practice of the sport as well as the means to recognize the quality and condition of the equipment.

The association will also work on strengthening the security arrangements by implementing regulations and safety procedures and ensure their application, on providing a technical training for the rescue team and also provide them with adequate equipment which is crucial in case of emergencies and of course on establishing a fully equipped trauma center with a permanent medical team-Mzaar Kfardebiane at first, then at a later stage in other ski centers.

The Association will also collaborate with other NGOs like “Roads for Life”, who will help The “Melanie FREIHA Association” in training for what they call the Golden Hour which is the most important hour after an accident, the 60mintes that are crucial to saving a victim if the gestures and procedures have been adapted properly.

On the other hand, the Association will also create a list of doctors who live in the perimeter of the ski stations to contact during an emergency.

The ambition of the association if to have a helicopter that can act fast and transport the victims from the slopes to the hospitals.

Finally, we would like to offer our sincere condolences to Melanie’s family and friends, and we encourage everyone willing to help the association in saving lives to contact them as soon as possible.