The Fastest 100m Men this season and 5 records set during the FLA Meeting

27 Jun. 2015 – The Lebanese Athletics Federation organized a meeting on June 26, at Jamhour, where amazing performances were done by our athletes who benefited from the wind that reached the limit of 2.0m/s without exceeding it!

We noticed the fastest 100 meters men’s of this season with Nour HADID (Army) who set a new personal best of 10.83 seconds! After him, comes Jad KHOURY (Champville) with 11.00 seconds also a new personal best for the youth athlete, and finally in 3rd position, comes Anthony MIKAEL (CSJ) who ran the distance in 11.15 seconds, knowing that he ran faster previously with 11.13. Abdelrahim Rayyes (Ansar) came in fourth with 11.18, but running in a different heat.

The season started to look brighter with our athletes starting to deliver their best. With such a race, we expect to see a beautiful 100m at the Lebanese Championship where everyone must be very well prepared and ready to fight for the title!

On the other hand, an athlete we previously wrote about is Maysa MOUAWAD from CSJ, who run the 50 meters hurdles in an amazing 8.77 seconds! Breaking the 9 seconds barrier and improving her previous record by half a second!

Check the beautiful photos taken by Akl Yazbeck during the FLA Meeting

Five record were set at this meeting, Maysa’s record and four others from Champville. But we try to see beyond those records, see what is the level of the record-performances. At the end, the record is just an improvement on the Local level, but our aim should be to reach the international one.

We will start by the youngest like Lynne AZAR who set a new Kids record in Long Jump improving her previous record by 1cm. One centimeter that made her even more motivated to train and enjoy competing in athletics!

Christine DAOU who ran the 60 meters in 8.36 is considered for now the 3rd fastest Bantam girl on 60 meters after Lea OBEID with 8.22 and Nour MOUANESS with 8.24! She set a new best performance for Bantams on 150m with 20.57 seconds.

While researching the 2014 and 2015 results on 1000 meters, we were surprised that only five Senior athletes were ahead of Peter KHOURY’s performance of 2:39.77: Khaled DENNOUI (Army) who broke the National record with 2:27.56, Hassan KARAKALLA (Army) with 2:31.82, Abdo HELO (CSJ) who ran in 2015 2:36.15, Ali SOUAIDAN (Army) with 2:36.92 and finally Osmat Ghreizi who ran as a pace maker for Peter with 2:39.36. Ahmad CHOUR (Phoenica) who set a new youth record on 800 meters this year ran only once the 1000m clocking 2:40.01.

Regardless if we are with or against the rule implemented by the FLA conserning the record set before the date of birth, this performance, which is considered a midget record (the previous one was 2:40.70 for Makram CHAHINE from Antonins), for a youth it is a great performance that allows him to compete with the seniors. But we should also note that the official middle distances starting from the youth category to the Seniors are the 800 meters and the 1500 meters.

Lea OBEID (Champville) was the fastest youth girl on 60 meters clocking 7.96 seconds. She is now preparing for the World Youth Championship that will be held in Colombia in less than two weeks from now!

For the first time in history we could see four race walkers on the track! A great start towards the development of this event! Sandy KARAM improved her Junior and senior record that she broke a week ago, by finally going under 27 minutes on 5000m race walk with 26:53.45.

Finally, when we compare our national level to other countries, we notice that we are way beyond the level, therefore, we should all put hands together to help improve this sport, all the clubs, all the athletes, stay united and work for the development of Athletics.

>>> Results:

50m Hurdles Bantam Girls H1 W(+2.0m/s):

  1. Elizabeth Yazbeck (CSJ): 10.67
  2. Lea Bodokian (Homentmen Beirut): 10.91
  3. Marise Nassour (Champville): 11.72

50m Hurdles Bantam Girls H2 W(+1.7m/s):

  1. Mayssa Mouawad (CSJ): 8.77
  2. Mia Kortbawi (Champville): 9.24
  3. Lory Khatchadorian (Homentmen Beirut): 12.20

100m Hurdles Women W(+2.0m/s):

  1. Krystel Saneh (Champville): 15.48
  2. Ayend Daou (Champville): 20.82
  3. Sirine Sarkissian (Homentmen Beirut): 23.52

300m Women:

  1. Nour Achkar (CSJ): 46.10
  2. Zoe Dagher (Champville): 46.93

60m Women W(-0.1m/s):

  1. Lea Obeid (Champville): 7.96
  2. Christine Daou (Champville): 8.36
  3. Eve Daou (Champville): 8.68
  4. Cynthia Abdelnour (Champville): 8.87
  5. Tara Kanj (Antonins): 9.21

100m Men H1 W(+1.3m/s):

  1. Nour Hadid (Army): 10.83
  2. Jad Khoury (Champville): 11.00
  3. Anthony Mikael (CSJ): 11.15
  4. Chady Farhat (Army): 11.30
  5. Christophe Boulos (Maristes Jbeil): 11.48
  6. Hamza Hassan (Army): 11.52

100m Men H2 W(+1.9m/s):

  1. Abdelrahim Rayyes (Ansar): 11.18
  2. Rayan Tarabay (Maristes Jbeil): 11.42
  3. Mohamad Kassem (Army): 11.59
  4. Mohamad Cheib (Army): 11.69
  5. Khaled Mansour (Army): 11.98
  6. Emile Houayek (CSJ): 12.23

100m Men H3 W(+1.9m/s):

  1. Hicham Ismail (Army): 11.84
  2. Hassan Hallal (Army): 11.85
  3. Ragheb Raad (Antonins): 12.02
  4. Jean Paul Mattar (Maristes Jbeil): 12.27

100m Men H4 W(+1.1m/s):

  1. Mahir Jinanian (Homentmen Beirut): 12.67
  2. Christian Moussa (Champville): 12.87
  3. Jean Paul Chartouni: 13.06

100m Women W(-0.3m/s):

  1. Joelle Feghali (CSJ): 13.54
  2. Rebecca Kassab (CSJ): 13.67
  3. Tamara Awada (Antonins): 14.53
  4. Mary Hakim (Antonins): 15.36

5000m Race Walking Women:

  1. Sandy Karam (Champville): 26:53.45
  2. Rona Bilali (Ansar): 32:55.30
  3. Chloe Karam (Champville): 33:39.56

150m Women H1 W(+0.2m/s):

  1. Joelle Feghali (CSJ): 20.00
  2. Rebecca Kassab (CSJ): 20.40
  3. Lory Tashjian (Champville): 20.64
  4. Eve Daou (Champville): 21.55

150m Women H2 W(+0.3m/s):

  1. Krystel Saneh (Champville): 19.58
  2. Joy Abousleiman (CSJ): 20.03
  3. Christine Daou (Champville): 20.57

200m Men H1 W(+1.3m/s):

  1. Nour Hadid (Army): 21.95
  2. Ahmad Mohsen (Army): 22.43
  3. Kad Khoury (Champville): 22.43
  4. Daniel Bassous (CSJ): 23.24
  5. Emile Houayek (CSJ): 24.70

200m Men H2 W(+1.4m/s):

  1. Mohamad Kassem (Army): 23.71
  2. Ragheb Raad (Antonins): 24.74
  3. Mahir Jinanian (Homentmen Beirut): 27.45
  4. Andy Souma (Antonins): 27.61

1000m Men:

  1. Osmat Ghreizi (Army): 2:39.36
  2. Peter Khoury (Champville): 2:39.77
  3. Hussein Khalife (Elite): 2:44.95
  4. Hussein Zayat (Elite): 2:46.12
  5. Mickael Bassous (CSJ): 2:52.88
  6. Samir Salman (Elite): 3:03.94
  7. Halim Khoriyati (Batroun Stars): 3:06.60
  8. Anthony Ghanem (CSJ): 3:10.25
  9. Khoder Yassine (Blue Stars): 3:14.27
  10. Charbel (Antonins): 3:16.42
  11. Peter Kossaifi (Antonins): 3:18.87
  12. Tarek Issa (Antonins): 3:33.61
  13. Avo Ohanian (Homentmen Beirut: 3:56.75
  14. Hreir Abkar (Homentmen Beirut): 3:58.77

800m Women:

  1. Sara Joe Kortbawi (Champville): 2:21.83
  2. Serena Hayek (Champville): 3:00.28
  3. Mary Hakim (Antonins): 3:13.88

High Jump Men:

  1. Ali Dirani (Army): 1.84
  2. Ali Kenaan (Army): 1.84
  3. Mehdi Idaoui (Army): 1.70
  4. Mario Nassour (Champville): 1.55
  5. Carl Rizk (Champville): 1:50

 High Jump Women:

  1. Nourhane Couch (Ansar): 1.44
  2. Mayssa Mouawad (CSJ): 1.44
  3. Lara Saleh (Ansar): 1.40
  4. Roxanne Raggi (CSJ): 1.35
  5. Elizabeth Yazbeck (CSJ): 1.25

Long Jump Women:

  1. Krystel Saneh (Champville): 5.41
  2. Joy Abousleiman (CSJ): 5.34
  3. Christine Daou (Champville): 4.77
  4. Lynne Azar (Champville): 4.13
  5. Cynthia Abdelnour (Champville): 4.11
  6. Elizabeth Yazbeck (CSJ): 3.97

Shot Put Youth Boys:

  1. Jean Claude Abou Faycal (Champions): 16.66

Shot Put Juniors Men:

  1. Alain Saad (Maristes Jbeil): 15.55
  2. Gregory Franjishtian (Homentmen Beirut): 10.20

Shot Put Men:

  1. Charbel Saad (Maristes Jbeil): 12.96