That’s what Elie Rustom said after joining Mouttahed

26 Aug. 2016- Elie Rustom joined Mouttahed for the 2016-2017 basketball season after being a free agent from the end of the last season. Rustom was expected to leave Sagesse especially after the financial problems that are keeping the team unstable and after the last statement of the club’s president Maroun Ghaleb saying that the priority will be to cover all the club’s debts.

Rustom wrote an emotional message on his Instagram account, through which Elie shared his love and respect for Sagesse club and fans. On the other hand, he showed how much he’s excited to compete with the club where his career started.

Here’s what he wrote:

“Greetings to everyone, as you may have already heard or read, I officially signed today with Mouttahed…The first club I played for in 1st division, and marked a lot of exceptional and unforgettable moments in my career. 4 years later, i am sincerely happy to announce my return to the beloved city of Tripoli and its beautiful people, thru representing this reputable club led by a great and professional management.

As much as i am happy and looking forward to play for the blue jersey, i cannot hide the dilemma of contradicting emotions that is inside me at the moment, as another part of me is refusing to say goodbye. Goodbye to the best and most faithful fans in Lebanese basketball history. Goodbye to a team to a family that have taught me a lot and with no doubts you will always be in my heart. Despite a lot of hidden internal issues that accompanied us throughout my 4 years with The green castle, I never had a single moment of regret. Moreover i am grateful and lucky to have had the opportunity to play and represent the greens in front of a phenomenal crowd like you.

The scar I have on my left hand due to the injury I received two years ago playing for this beautiful jersey, and which is now a part of me and who i am today, will always highlight my love and passion for Sagesse Club whom i fought for from the bottom of my heart and will never forget the way u supported me. I wish nothing but the best for Sagesse, and I truly hope they will come back stronger than ever overcoming all the obstacles.
For me, this is not the end with Sagesse, I might come back in the future, with the dream of holding the Lebanese league title and raising the cup.

Thanks for all the great moments, and be sure that when I set a foot in Ghazir, even with an opponent team, I will always consider myself at home and among my family. Much love and respect💚”