Tennis Delegation Participates In A Conference For Game Development

16 Mar.2017– The delegation of the Lebanese Tennis Federation took part in the “Conference on the development of tennis in West Asia,” which was hosted by the emirate of Dubai (United Arab Emirates) with the participation of delegates from 12 countries in West Asia and under the supervision of the World Federation. Lebanese delegation

The Lebanese delegation was composed of Federation President Oliver Faisal, Vice-President Aref Mardini, Secretary-General Alain Sayegh, and federation member Mirna Abou Mrad. The conference dealt with the steps that would activate the game of Tennis in West Asia for all age groups.

On the sidelines of the conference, the Lebanese delegation held meetings with the President of World  Federation chairman David Hagerty and with Asian Federation Chairman Anil Khan and a number of heads of delegations participating in the conference which dealt with bilateral relations and ways to further activate it.

Mr.Faisal said the conference was successful by all standards, and meetings with officials were fruitful for the development of tennis in Lebanon.