Teamwork Makes the Dream Work For NDU

10 Nov.2016 – Basketball was never a one man game. Talent might win you games but teamwork and intelligence win you championships. The gold medal is everything  NDU are thinking about.

A bunch of very talented players working together might storm the uni-league and cause major problems. Their point guard is none other than talented prospect and Louaize player Mansour Khoueiry. Mansour is well known for his quick release, draining threes and not being limited with any range. A fast player with a combination of great ball-handling and vision is a threat to any team. A young player but with enough experience in the first division to lead any team.

Completing the backcourt with him are summer league extravaganza Youssef Ghantous and virtuoso Jimmy Salem. Ghantous has proved to be one of the best emerging talents in Lebanon and has earned some valuable minutes on the court with Champville. His quick hands help him both on defense to steal any ball and intercept passes, and on offense to quickly pass by any defender. His long arms allow him to protect the ball while slashing to the basket and to absorb the contact with the and-one. His shooting abilities are not to be underestimated as he can take any shot if he sees space to. As for Jimmy, he’s a maze to solve for any defender as he can take smaller defenders down low and post them up as he can blow past  bigger defenders with lightning speed and beautiful cross-over to finish at the rim. He can use screens perfectly as he can play the pick and roll or free himself up to drain the shot. One of the most blooming talents if it wasn’t for that ACL injury last year.

The list goes on with big man Julien Khawaja. A very experienced player that is able to slow the tempo when his team-mates prove to be careless and calm them down. A multitalented player that can play the post game easily with great footwork and intelligence even when a bigger defender is guarding him. He can even go outside to stretch the defense thus creating space for his team-mates to create their own shots. Defenders had better follow him to the three point arc as he can easily take that shot with a high percentage.

NDU can even count on skillful PG Yves Kara that can lead the team with small or no effort. He has a great court vision that allows him to find any player thus freeing them up to create a great balance on offense. Like most of his team-mates, his shooting skills are remarkable as we witnessed in the summer league. Their arsenal goes on as Joe Khoury, Francesco Abi Nakhle and Simon Amine can tilt the balance in the favor of their team at any time and be a corner stone in their team victorious road.

With this talented squad coach Elie Saleme’s work is now to just create stability and team-chemistry, both essential for their chances to win a championship. They believe they can and that’s the spirit as every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.