Here are the Teams Participating in ULF Interscholastic Games!

25 Jan. 2017 – The third annual ULF interscholastic games are set to start in February and end in March, with 31 official and private schools participating.

Here are the teams participating in each sport:

Basketball (Men): Saint Coeur Kfarhabab, Jamil Lahoud Official School, ST Joseph Zouk Mikhael, ST Joseph Aintoura, N.D Louaize, Sagesse Brazilia, N.D Maristes Jbeil, Montana, Antonine Baabda, ST Redempteur, ST Coeur Bouchrieh, Institut Moderne, Ajaltoun Official School, STE Rita Dbayeh, Val Pere Jacques, College Central, Rosaire Cornet El Hamra, Lycee Nahr Ibrahim, ST Joseph Cornet Chehwan, Dhour Choueir Official School, Ste Famille Jounieh.

Basketball (Women): N.D Louaize, Val Pere Jacques, ST Joseph Cornet Chehwan, Sagesse Brazilia, ST Joseph Aintoura, Saint Coeur Kfarhbab, Ste Famille Jounieh, Montana, Antonine Baabda, Lycee Nahr Ibrahim, Ajaltoun Official School, Rosaire Mansourieh.

Futsal (Men): Pere Antonine Hadat Baabda, ST Joseph Cornet Chehwan, College Central, Sagesse Achrafieh, Rosaire Cornet El Hamra, College M.H Arslanian, Mitas, Besancon Baabdat, Champville, Lycee Nahr Ibrahim, Institut Moderne, Jamil Lahoud Baabdath, Ajaltoun Official School, Delivrance Hadat, Sagesse Brazilia, Montana, Dhour Choueir Official School, Ecole ST Redempteur, Rosaire Mountazah Mansourieh, Ste Famille Jounieh, ST Coeur Bouchrieh.

Futsal (Women): Montana, Ste Famille Jounieh, Lycee Nahr Ibrahim, Champville, Saint Coeur Kfarhbab, N.D Louaize, ST Joseph Cornet Chehwan, Val Pere Jacques.

Table Tennis (Men): ST Joseph Cornet Chehwan, ST Coeur Bouchrieh, Val Pere Jacques, Maristes Jbeil, Montana, Jamil Lahoud, Dhour Choueir, Sagesse Brazilia, College Central, N.D Louaize, ST Joseph Zouk Mikhael, Institut Moderne, Montana, Cedars High School.