Hassan Dandach: Tadamon is a serious contender to enter the final 4

November 9– Following Tadamon’s participation in the Qadsia tournament, everyone was impressed by the team’s performance, but one player has caught everyone’s attention with the enormous progress he made from last season.

This player is none else than Hassan Dandach, Tadamon’s point guard, who was named best playmaker in the Qadsia tournament, in which his team finished 3rd.

23 year old Dandach, is now more than ever ready to lead his team, who has signed a lot of great players, like Reyshawn Terry, Hussein El Khatib, Joey Accaoui (watch Joey Accaoui doing the ALS Ice bucket challenge) to compete for the title.

Here is an interview with Dandach, to see what he had to say about everything that happened since the end of last season.

First of all Hassan, your performance in the Qadsia tournament has caught everyone’s attention, especially when you got the best point guard’s award. How did you manage to make such progress from last year?

The coach signed me for a reason. And after all the experience I gained during the last season, I knew I was ready to implement everything I learnt. The tournament in Kuwait was a sign that I am a guy who works hard and the trophy I won made me aware that I am on the right track. I would like to thank coach Marwan for believing in me, even though many people criticized him on this move. He stood by me, supported me and motivated me at all times, and for that I am more than thankful.

Tadamon grabbed 3rd place in Kuwait, which is a good start for the team. But what is the target in the Lebanese championship?

We went to the Qadsia tournament without preparation, because the coach believed it would be a great opportunity to build chemistry between the players and get back in shape. Also, recruiting players like Hussein El Khatib, Joey Accaoui, Hussein Tawbe, Izzat Kaissi, Vladan and Terry, shows that Tadamon is a serious contender to enter the final 4, for I believe we have all the elements to be a competitive team. All we need is time, hard work, commitment and determination.

Finally Hassan, now that Philip is very close from signing for Tadamon, how do you see this move and do you think he is what the team needs?

Philip Tabet has been nominated to be part of the team, due to Jad Bitar’s decision to take the season off. We needed someone who plays on the same position, to add more depth in the squad. Philip is a player I have never played with, but against. He is a great hustler and a very good player. There is no doubt he is going to be a great add to our team. 

Finally, I would also like to thank sports961 for this interview, and I sincerely ask the fans to be many this year, and give us full support and motivation, for they play a big role in the success of this team.