Tadamon vs Champville: 3 Advantages Each Team Has On The Other-Lebanese Basketball

13 Apr.2017– Tadamon host Champville on Thursday night as both teams sit at (9-14) with the winner of today’s game gets to avoid Homenetmen in the future round.

Starting with Tadamon, here are 3 reasons why the red warriors may prevail tonight:

1- Mental adversity: Just like a physical handicap might limit you, so can a mental problem.

Tadamon have that slight advantage, that extra step in a way that they might enter this game with a winning mentality. With the last game between the two at Dik El Mehdi ending 76-92 in Tadamon’s favor, the latter have a mental edge. Yeah, every game has its own circumstances but still, bad memories can haunt you.

2- Mile Ilic: Since joining the team, Ilic has made a revolution in Zouk. The team definitely needed a true center since the beginning. His presence down low will surely cause Champville problems and may force them to take tough shots and play from the outside more than they should. One on one it seems he has an advantage on everyone.

3- Champville’s house problems: We can’t deny that things aren’t going according to script in Champville. After the departure of Youssef Ghantous, and talks about other players following him, eyes are directed towards Dik El Mehdi. This tension in the group might as well demonstrate on the court and they will pay dearly for it.


As for Champville here are the 3 reasons why they can top Tadamon tonight:

1- Roster shake up: Champville have acquired Daniel Orton, and the element of surprise might be on their side. Tadamon don’t exactly know what this guy can bring to the table. Sometimes pumping new blood into a group might remotivate the entire squad.

2- Go big or go home approach: After a devastating loss in round 3 of the group stage, Champville have nothing to lose today, it’s either give your best and rectify your image or lose and face the fittest team in the league in the knockouts. It’s very dangerous to face a wolfpack that has nothing to lose, they’re more aggressive that way.

3- Ghassan Sarkis: There’s no denying this guy is one of the best in the game and definetly the most experienced today in the game. He has been in previous situations where he had his back to the wall. You need a coach who can calm players, control the tempo of the game, who knows when to pounce. While Champville’s players may have more playing years in the bag, this might be crucial going down to the wire.