Tadamon Seal Their First Win at Home

04 Dec.2016 – Tadamon hosted Hoops in their first game of the season.

The game’s tempo was fast from the beginning as both teams ran the fast-break perfectly. Ali Mezher and Izzat Kaissi were up to the standard and with the leadership of William Bird, they were able to score on different occasions. From Tadamon’s side, Maurice Kemp was the best player with 16 first half points who, along with Jonathan Holton, dominated the boards especially with 13 offensive rebounds. Yet the score was still tight since Hoops exercised great defense as the half ended 39-38 in Tadamon’s favor.

In the second half, Tadamon came out strong as Holton scored 8 consecutive points to give a 10 point lead to his team. Their foreign trio of Morris, Holton, and Kemp hit the ground running and built a commanding lead as Hoops didn’t find a way to stop them. Add to this mix Jad Khalil and Rony Fahed who were up and running. Nonetheless Ali Mezher wasn’t discouraged as he, Millage, and Garrett fought hard to get their team back and finish the quarter down by just 5: 65-60.

In the beginning of the fourth, Ali Mezher was cutting through the defense and absorbing fouls easily to try and cut the lead. The home team soon got its rhythm back and scored time after time down low as Ali Fakhredine shone. Tadamon were clicking on all cylinders, bucket after bucket as late Hoops’ surge didn’t help them much. Tadamon closed the game as they won 93-86.