Tadamon With Caughter vs Tadamon With Perisic

20 Mar. 2017 – When you lose couple of consecutive games, you definitely need a shock in your team, in order to get back on track.

This was Riyadi’s case, when Coach Subotic resigned, leaving his place to his assisant, Coach Ahmad Farran who is doing a great job so far.

But unfortunately, this isn’t Tadamon‘s case. Coach Paul Caughter got replaced by former Tadamon’s coach Miodrag Perisic who has done a great job last year with the Red Warriors despite being banned from signing new imports.

Tadamon won this season 5 games and lost 7 under the supervision of Caughter.

However, this season, Coach Perisic is finding difficulties putting the team back on the winning track, after losing 4 consecutive games, against Riyadi, Mouttahed, Louaize and Sagesse lately.

How healthy was it to change from an American coaching school into an European one? Especially that Coach Caughter was the one to build the team from scratch, choosing his players and his imports?

What should Coach Perisic do in order to find the missing piece in the team that helps them win again, now that the playoffs are almost here, and everything can change at any moment?