Table-Tennis: Honorary dinner for the Lebanese 2014 champions

27 Jan 2015 – The Lebanese Table-Tennis Federation organized their annual honorary diner for the athletes at Zone Restaurant sponsored by the businessman Wadih EL ABSI where they received trophies regarding last year’s achievements.

We should note the presence of Deputy Simon ABI RAMIYA, the president of the Sports and Education parliamentary union, and the president of the Lebanese Olympic Committee Jean HAMMAM, Mohammad OUEIDAT representing the ministry of Sports and Education, the president of the Arab School Federation Mazen KBAISI, members of the Lebanese Olympic Committee, Jihad SALAME the International Olympic Lecturer, presidents and members of federations, CEO of the sponsoring enterprise, media reporters and the champions.

The ceremony started with the national anthem and a minute of silence for the deceased Antoine CHARTIER.

Salim HAJJ–NICOLAS, the president of the Table-Tennis Federation, gave a beautiful speech where he quoted Napoleon BONAPART saying: “The word “impossible” is only written in the dictionary of the weak.” He continued saying that Lebanon will never give up and will always surpass the obstacles and bad conditions.

He also added: “We are united today to honor our 2014 Lebanese champions, thanks to the event sponsor Mr. Wadih Al ABSI. But things are not as they are.

I am standing right now and I’m seeing a teardrop in your eyes for the great man who left us, our breeder Antoine CHARTIER… My teacher, I know that you can hear me, the greatest, you will forever be the spiritual father and the bombing heart of our federation, bless us from up there dear saint of the Sports.”

He continued addressing the champions and quoting the great Mohammad ALI: “You know very well that the champions are not made in the gym, champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a desire, a dream and a vision.”

He wished for the champions to stay committed to their training and improve the level of their sport, and to always be fair play and loyal competitors.

HAJJ-NICOLAS also addressed the presidents of the clubs and hoped that they will always put their athletes on the right track and keep the sport out of the reach of politics and think first of Lebanon and its development.

He ended thanking his colleagues at the Lebanese Olympic Committee and its president Jean HAMMAM, and the federation’s sponsors. Salim HAJJ-NICOLAS lunched the theme of the New Year “Following Antoine CHARTIER’s path”.

Joseph CHALHOUB the Lebanese Champion spoke in the name of all the players, before the great guests distributed the awards.



Riyadi Beirut Club: Lebanese champion in men’s category 1st division

Homentmen Beirut Club: Lebanese champion in women’s category

Al Liwa’ Sayda Club: Lebanese champion in men’s category 2nd division

Baraem Nabatiye Club: Lebanese youth boys champion

Literature and Sports Kfarchima Club: Lebanese youth girls champion


Joseph Chalhoub (South Toul): Lebanese champion in men’s category and ranked #1

Rachid El Boubou (Riyadi Beirut): Lebanese cup winner and Lebanese champion in men’s mixed double.

Marina Sahakian (Antranik Beirut): Lebanese champion in women’s individual and double

Rita Bsaibes (Nadwa Kamatiya): ranked #1

Tivine Monjoglian (Homentmen Beirut): ranked #1 and Lebanese champion in mixed double.

Lara Kajhabachian (Homentmen Beirut): Lebanese cup winner

Avo Monjoglian (Homentmen Beirut): Lebanese champion in men’s double.

Malak Khoury (Nadwa Kamatiye): Lebanese champion in women’s double.

Ahmad Moustafa Harb (Baraem Nabatiye): Lebanese champion in juniors men individual (U21) and ranked #1

Maysa Bsaibes (Antranik Beirut): Lebanese Champion in juniors women individual (U21) and ranked #1

Kamel Akhdar (Baraem Nabatiye): Lebanese champion in youth boys individual (U18) and juniors men double  and ranked #1

Anna Maria Markirian (Chabab Fouwar): Lebanese champion in youth girls individual (U18) and ranked #1

Mohammad Fahes (Baraem Nabatiye): Lebanese champion in youth boys double.

Patricia Homsy (Literature and sports Kfarchima): Lebanese champion in youth girls double.

Ghaleb Fahes (Baraem Nabatiye): Lebanese champion in midgets (U15) boys individual and ranked #1

Jenifer Khayat (Homentmen Beirut): Lebanese champion in midgets (U15) individual and ranked #1

Lea Assaf (Mont La Salle): ranked #1 in midgets (U15)

Alex Boustani (Choyah Riyadi): Lebanese champion in bantam boys (U12) individual and ranked #1

Mohamad Beyrouti (Baraem Nabatiye): ranked #1 in bantam boys (U12)

Leticia Azar (Literature and Sports Kfarchima): Lebanese champion in Bantam girls (U12) individual and in youth girls double and ranked #1

Saad Eddin El Habech (Ahli Sayda): Lebanese champion in individual U10 boys and ranked #1.

Talia Azar (Literature and Sports Kfarchima): Lebanese champion in individual U10 girls and raked #1

Katchig Kokazian: Lebanese women veterans champion 50+

Fady Kasis: Lebanese men veterans champion 40+