Who are the Students who Beat the Bin at Apotres Jounieh?!

15 Apr. 2015- We have visited Apotres Jounieh and challenged its students to Beat A Bin in a fundraising project to help teach a student in real need of money.

106 students were ready to take on this challenge with the support of their friends, who were gathered next to the ball and the Bin. But what matters most is the contribution of all 106 of them, as they made the first step towards securing education for a child!


One of the participants taking on the challenge!

And The action started, check out its moments here:

11 of the students managed to score the ball and beat the bin.

Here is the list of students who scored the ball:

  • Christelle Bitar
  • Rayan Karam
  • Elio Nader
  • Elis Younes
  • Jean Paul Bitar
  • Paul Semaan
  • Simon Zouein
  • Charbel Saghbini
  • Nabil Rayes
  • Degaulle Rouphael
  • Paul Khater

The winners gathered at the end of the event!