Who was the Strongest Athlete at the Lebanese American University?

19 April. 2016  – A sports event was taking place at the Lebanese American University (Beirut Campus), in order to determine the who the strongest athlete is! Both girls and boys were eligible for participation, and the goal was to test stamina and endurance and not who can lift the heaviest weights!

6 rounds were made up in order to have a winner, and the competition was fair as the participants were given sets according to their body weight average!

Here are the results in each different category:

75 KG:
01. Mohamad Bleik
02. Ali Jaber
03. Mezyed

75 KG – 85 KG:
01. Shad El Zain
02. Bilal Abdouni
03. Andrea Khoury

Above 85 KG:
01. Hadi Kais
02. Nicolas Trabolsi

Ladies Open:
01. Nour Bachir
02. Angela Beydoune

01. Shad El Zein
02. Mohamad Blaik
03. Nour Bachir