Sports Mania concluded a historic league regrouping Lebanese and UAE banks

01 Jun. 2017- In an exceptional initiative, Sports Mania organized a joint basketball tournament between banks from Lebanon and the UAE, entitled “Battle of Banks”, which regrouped 8 banks from the two countries, between May 16 and 21, at Bradenton Preparatory Academy – Dubai Sports City.

The participating banks were Banque du Liban, ING Bank, Bank of Beirut, Société Générale de Banque au Liban, Fransabank, Crédit Libanais, Zachodni WBK Bank and BLC Bank.

Competitions have witnessed great interaction from the Lebanese community living in the UAE, as well as the teams representing UAE banks who were present in mass and showed great interest in the tournament.

The competition between the eight teams spread over five days and BLC Bank successfully won the title, after beating Banque du Liban in the finals (73-68) in a very competitive game. The eight teams were divided into two groups. Each group included two teams from Lebanon and two from the UAE. The teams qualified for the semi-finals were Fransabank, Banque du Liban, Société Générale de Banque au Liban and BLC Bank.

US referees were appointed to officiate in this tournament.

After the final game, the organizers distributed individual awards. Issam Al Tirmanini (BLC Bank) won two trophies, for Best Player and Best Scorer, Rodrigue Nacouzi (Bank of Zachodni) won Best Rebounder, Ahmad Sleiman (Bank of Beirut) Best Leadership, Elie Hokayem (Société Générale de Banque au Liban) best 3 points shooter, Alain Nassar (Credit Libanais) best Shot Blocker , Mark Koudsi (Fransabank) Best Stealer, Jad Daher (Bank of Beirut) Best Assist, Nassim Habib (ING Bank) won the fair play award, and George Rizk (Banque du Liban) was granted the trophy of best coach.