Sports Mania 3rd Banks Basketball Tournament

10 Mar. 2016 – With the support of the Lebanese Basketball Federation, Sports Mania is organizing the 3rd Basketball Tournament for Lebanese banks.

12 Banks are taking part in this championship: BDL, BLOM Bank, Creditbank, Bank Byblos, Lebanese Swiss Bank, Fransa Bank, BIT Bank, Bank Med, BLC Bank, Credit Libanais, Banque Libano-Francais, FFA Private Bank.

Every year, the banks are fighting for the Lebanese title. The first step is to qualify for the final 8. Find out below the results of the first round:

  • BLOM Bank defeated Creditbank in 77-38 points.
  • Bank Med defeated BLC bank in 104-100 points.
  • FFA Private bank defeated BDL in 71-56 points.
  • Fransabank defeated Lebanese Swiss Bank in 68-62 points.
  • Byblos Bank defeated BIT bank in 42-35 points.
  • Credits Libanais defeated Banque Libano-Francais in 70-38 points.