Silvio CHIHA visits Azm School Tripoli!

25 Feb. 2016 – Yes, he is the son of the Arab world champion! Yes, he is the son of a civilized country. Yes, he is the son the green Lebanon. Yes, he is Silvio CHIHA!

He is a leader in the field of sports, he worked hard to lift his name high among nations in water skiing. Silvio faced difficulties with his talented competitors. As a great leader, he didn’t take the loss as an obstacle in his face. It was his first stage in success.

Silvio visited Azm School’ leaders with the presence of the institution, which was and is still supporting him: Sports961. He showed Azm students the video he had done in order to picture Lebanon in the best way he could. His video showed breathtaking pictures about Lebanon which revealed that Lebanon is not only about wars and trash.

He also shared his personal experience and his childhood with the interactive students! Cycles 2 and 3 were waiting for Silvio CHIHA with all their enthusiasm and excitement!

Silvio pointed out the importance of showing the brightest picture of Lebanon to approximately 200 students.

You filled our hearts with pride. Shine bright all the way Silvio!

By student specialist: Amal JUNDI and Omar HASSOUN