Silvio Chiha Shares his International Experience with Jesus & Mary School Students!

03 Dec. 2015 – The Asian waterski champion Silvio Chiha, visited Jesus and Mary school to share his international experience with the EII Division students.

Silvio has indeed shared with the student show he represented Lebanon abroad and how he raised Lebanon’s name to highest level of success when he won the Asian championship 2 times, in addition to many more international titles.

Hearing the Lebanese anthem in foreign countries made Chiha very proud and he was more than happy to have the chance to contribute in spreading Lebanon’s sports culture.

The students were very happy and excited to chat with Silvio. They asked him many questions about the sport itself and about what it means to represent Lebanon.

Finally, the meeting ended with a group photo that included Silvio and all the students, who were left with a sense of pride and belonging and who have now would love to follow Silvio Chiha‘s footsteps one day.

Article by: Nadine Touma