Sharing Bike Stations now Available in Byblos

21 Jan. 2017 – After Beirut Downtown, Byblos has now its first bike sharing station. An initiative that is apparently spreading in Lebanon.

Beirut and Byblos are two touristic cities and the most prepared for cycling, especially in the souks. But are other cities prepared for this new project? What about our roads?

Despite the issues regarding our non prepared roads, and the yet non existent bike lanes, this initiative has more than one benefit. From an environment aspect, it helps reduce pollution caused by cars and the traffic. When it comes to sports, people of this era are becoming more and more lazy, especially with all the facilities that we have,  so cycling will encourage somehow the citizens to start exercising and be more familiar with the sport of cycling.

On the other hand, a parking lot will be established at the northern and southern entrances of Beirut, which will allow people living outside the capital to park their cars and use the bikes. It will eventually help them search for a place to park their cars near their work space, which is the main issue of people working in the city.

For Byblos, which is a top touristic place in Lebanon, bikes will mainly be used for touring. It will be very interesting to know the rent cost of the bikes.

This is a step forward to a better Lebanon.