Shada Nasr School Tournament – Day 3 Results

24 Jan. 2016 – The 2nd edition of the Shada Nasr School tournament has started two days ago, with schools from Beirut and outside Beirut competing for gold!

This tournament focuses only on girls basketball which is a great opportunity for women to grab attention in sports and prove their equality to men.

In the third day of the tournament, CPF (College Protestant Francais) defeated BBS (Beirut Baptist School) in 39 – 30 points. The MVP of the game was Dia CHAHINE.

Shada Nasr School Tournament – Day 1 Results

On the other hand, IC (International College) won over ACS (Armenian Community School) in 53 to 23 points! 30 points of difference! A huge win for IC with its MVP Alia NAJJAR.

Shada Nasr School Tournament – Day 2 Results

Stay tuned for more results coming soon!

Good luck for the rest of the teams!