Saida to Host Lebanon Water Festival’s Closing Water Ski Show

16 Sep. 2015 – The Lebanon Water Festival will hold its closing event in Saida’s new port (Khalij Eskandar, Alexander Bay) on September 19 and 20, 2015. The event will include a night water ski show lit by fireworks on September 19 and a day water ski show on September 20. Lebanese and foreign athl etes will take part in the shows, which will include ballerina skiers and jumps, slalom, pyramids, wakeboarding, fireworks and more.

Since 2012, the water ski shows have been attracting more and more people. For Saida, the Lebanon Water Festival is the first event of this kind in over a decade. The objective is to showcase the beauty of Saida’s coastline and city in order to attract more local and international tourism.

“Saida is a historical landmark and deserves to be promoted. It has beautiful beaches that can be exploited and incredible underwater Phoenician ruins that can be great scuba diving sites. The festival is a great opportunity for its people to regain contact with family water sports and their sea. Our aim is to push Saida to become a center for water sports activities in the future and attract more local and international tourism”, says Simon Khoury, Founder of the Lebanon Water Festival.

The growing popularity of the event also comes from the municipality’s constant efforts and initiatives for the depollution of Saida’s shoreline and sea since 2010.

Photo by: Majd Zoghbi