Saida Marathon Association Launches its Volunteer Program

14 Mar. 2016- During a meeting held at the Municipality of Saida, the Saida Marathon Association has launched its program that aims at training volunteers and improving their skill set. This initiative will help them benefit from these skills when organizing the International Saida Marathon “we run for development and peace.” The association organizes this race with the help of Bank Audi and in collaboration with Rotaract Club – Saida, along with the Municipality of Saida and under the supervision of the Lebanese Athletics Federation. The race will be held on the 23rd of April.

The meeting began with a brief speech for Dr. Hamoud, President of the association, in which he talked about the ongoing preparations for the marathon emphasizing the role the volunteers play in making the event a success. After that, the executive manager, Marwan Orabi, held a lecture on volunteering and its importance for young men and women of the region and the neighbor along with its social benefits. He underlined the tasks of the volunteers in order to make the event successful.