Saida International Marathon – Unofficial Results

23 Apr. 2017 – The Saida International Marathon has taken place today in its first edition ever. The event was a success to say the least with more than 15000 participants taking part.

There were different categories in the marathon and they were the following: 21k for special needs, 3k competitive run, 7k competitive run, 42k (full marathon) for both men and women and a 21k relay run. There was also a 7k Fun Run along with a parent/children run.

The results of the main categories came as follows:

21k Special Needs:

  1. Georges Wehbe
  2. Ahmad Ghoul
  3. Hasan Diya


  1. Rita Saade
  2. Marie Noel Gapy


42k Marathon:

  1.  Mohammed Husein from Ethiopia with 2:15.12
  2. Benjamin Serem from Kenya with 2:15.33.
  3. Thomas Ekiru also from Kenya with 2:16.23


  1. Priscah Bartente
  2. Risper Jemeli Kimaiyo
  3. Tizita Wubishet