Saida International Marathon: Running for Peace & Development

19 Apr. 2017 – On Sunday April 23rd, Saida International Marathon will finally take place after months of hard work and preparation. Over 15 000 runners are expected to participate in this event, which is the biggest yet in Saida, the capital of the South.

As the date of the race closes in, a press conference was held at the Saida Municipality Headquarters, in order to communicate all necessary information about the marathon, such as the track, distance, timing, and different areas.

First, the head of public relations and media welcomed the audience before giving the stage to the association’s President, Dr Nasser Hammoud. The president wished for everyone to be present at the start line on Sunday in order to run for peace and development and show that Saida is a city of life by bringing a festive atmosphere.

He also apologized for those who had their work cut off on Sunday by the marathon, stating that it is necessary to bring back hope to the city. Then, he continued by thanking all sponsors and partners who made the SIMA possible because without their efforts and support, it wouldn’t have been possible. Dr Hammoud highlighted and thanked the media for their presence, as they are spreading the message of Saida International Marathon and have always stood by the association.

There was more talk during the conference, as the Municipality President, Mohamad Al Saoudy, confirmed that April 23rd will be a sunny and joyful day, under the supervision of the municipality to ensure everything goes according to plan.

Finally, the Colonel Abdel Samad from the ISF reassured the participants that all roads will be secured for a safe run and he also apologized once again to those who had their works cut off by the event.