Saida International Marathon – Live Updates

This is it for the Saida Marathon Updates. Thank you for having been with us through it all!

11:45 AM: 
And our top 3 Lebanese women who finished the 42k

11:40 AM: 
More and more pictures from the podium

11:33 AM: And the top three women runners of the 42k

11:31 AM: The top three finishers of the 42km marathon on the podium

11:23 AM: Here’s the podium of the special needs athletes

It’s a wrap for the Saida International Marathon, let’s now wait for the podium and results.

10:25 AM: Sara Joe Kortbawi wins the 7k run

Elie Mchantaf: “This is a dream coming true. We need more love, more peace and more sports. We need sports. I didn’t hesitate for a second when I was asked to be part of the organizing body of the Marathon.”

10:12 AM: Geroges Wehbe, Ahmad Ghoul, and Hasan Diya are the top 3 finishers of the special needs race and Rita Saade and Marie Noel Gapy are the women medalists.

10:07 AM: Young and old are all taking part in the Fun Run

9:53 AM: Tizita Wubishet from Ethopia is the bronze medalist of the Marathon

9:51 AM: Risper Jemeli Kimaiyo finishes the 42k in second place.

9:48 AM: Here’s the winner of the 42k women’s category. Priscah Bartente clocked 2:39.22

9:41 AM: Moussa Hodroj is the first Lebanese runner to finish the 42k run clocking 2:31.39

9:28 AM: A female runner is getting closer to the finish line of the 42k race

9:26 AM: 
Omar Abou Hamde finishes the 7k competitive run in first place.

And finally the bronze medalist of the Saida Marathon is Thomas Ekiru also from Kenya with 2:16.23

9:22 AM: 
Right after him is Benjamin Serem from Kenya in second place with 2:15.33.

9:22 AM: Here’s the winner of the marathon with a time of 2:15.12. Congrats Mohammed Husein from Ethiopia

9:21 AM: Even dogs are running at the Saida Marathon

9:15 AM:
And so it begins, the biggest race of the day, aka the Fun Run with around 15000 participants, including MP Bahia El Hariri and Fouad El Sanioura

9:13 AM: The Fun Run is on its way.


9:06 AM: Live from the competitive 7k!

9:03 AM: Almost 6km to go in the marathon!

9:00 AM: The 7k run has kicked off!

8:52 AM: More and more special needs athletes crossing the finish line.
8:49 AM:
The 7k is on its way.

8:35 AM: 3K race is over with Montaser Hamieh finishing first and Jad Smaysene 2nd. Ghiya Mteirek ended the race in first place in the women’s category.

President of Athletics Federation Roland Saade: “This is a new page for Saida and has been written thanks to athletics. It is not easy at all to organize a 42km marathon and Saida was up to the challenge.”



8:25 AM: The 3k competitive race is on with 1100 participants!

8:16 AM: Gapy Marie Noel makes it in the second place.

8:15 AM: Rita Saade is the first female to cross the finish line in the special needs category with 1:13.17

8:13 AM: The parent/children race is over. Amazing atmosphere among all participants.

8:10 AM: The participants of the 42km race are almost halfway there.



8:03 AM: The parent/children run has officially begun

MP Bahia El Hariri: “The Marathon is an event that brings people together, and we should encourage such events. Saida has gone through a lot of rough times, but fortunately for us, we have managed to overcome it. This a message from Saida to all Lebanon.”

7:50 AM:
 Georges Wehbe is the first participant of the special needs crosses the finish line! It took him 49.20georges-wehbe-special-needs-finisher

Mr. Mohammed Al Saoudi: “All big projects don’t succeed without a challenge. As you can see, everything is going according to plan. I have always been proud of Saida and this event just warms my heart. We have proved that it is a city of life, and not one left behind.”

Big and warm thanks to the Red Cross, always making sure everyone is safe and sound

7:27 AM:
SIMA President, Dr. Naser says: “stay tuned for our upcoming plans. Saida loves a challenge and we have proved that we can handle our responsibilities. We have tons of plans for the future just wait and see!”

This is Hiba Ramadan running with champion Rabih Jammal

7:19 AM: Lebanese champion Silvio Chiha talks about the importance of having sports events like this in the country. He is also supporting Hasan Dia and all special needs runners.


7:09 AM: The 42km is officially on!!
7:07 AM:
2:2.54 is the record of the fastest marathon for the men while it is 2:15.54. In Lebanon it is 2:11.04

7:01 AM:
The special needs 21km race kicked off.
WhatsApp Image 2017-04-23 at 7.02.19 AM
6:55 AM:
Almsot 20 special needs runners are taking part in the Marathon, Cheers to these soldiers!

6:50 AM:
The first race of the SIMA has officially started with the half marathon and almost 15.000 participants running in the first edition

6:40 AM: 
The race starts in a few minutes, can you feel the excitement?Saida-international-marathon