Sagesse VS Riyadi: What are the players score predictions for the game?

11 Jan. 2015- The Lebanese basketball derby Sagesse VS Riyadi is few hours away. Sagesse needs this win to stay close to Riyadi in the standings. Riyadi also needs this win to secure a comfortable lead in the last round of the first leg.

What is the players score predictions for the derby? We asked Rodrigue Akl, Elie Stephan and Elie Rustom from Sagesse, Wael Arakji, Jean Abdelnour and Jeremiah Massey from Riyadi.

Here are their answers:

Sagesse players predictions:

Sagesse captain Rodrigue Akl saw that the game will be close and that Sagesse will grab the win by 5 points.

YAZ_7692 copy

Elie Stephan prediction was the same as his team captain saying that Sagesse will defeat Riyadi by 5 points.


Rustom’s prediction was different, although he predicted a win to Sagesse but he thinks that the different will be 4 points only.

Hom_Vs_Sag (12) copy

Riyadi players predictions:

Wael Arakji might be a key player in this derby for Riyadi. Wael Arakji is expecting Riyadi to win by 8 points. The biggest points difference among these predictions.


Riyadi team captain, Jean Abdelnour predicted a win for Riyadi but he preferred not to mention the difference!


Jeremiah Massey predicted a 4 points for Riyadi in today’s game.
Well every player predicted a win for his team, we will see who’s right at the end of the derby.

We wish the 2 teams a successful derby full of sportsmanship. You can also share with us your score predictions in the comment box below.